Because Celebrities like being unique...

During the past couple of years, I have worked for numerous celebrities, making unique shoes and accessories for them. For instance, I designed and created the silver boots the young ladies wore in the TVshow, “Áll az alku” /It is a deal/ on commercial TV channel, TV2. The members of the lady trio group, Princess, Ms. Katica Illényi, violinist and singer as well as Ms. Lilla Vincze, who has been well known in different fields of music, have also ordered unique shoes from me


I made a pair of black boots
for Ms. Katica Illényi

Ms. Lilla Vincze in a pair
of shoes matching with her dress


It is a wonderful feeling when my customers come back again and again. Besides the fact that this is indeed the best feedback I could get from anyone, by seeing my customers on several occasions, I could get to know them better and therefore could have a better feeling about what is really important for them when it comes to shoes. Moreover, more aspects of their personalities can appear in the unique shoes and they can wear the shoes suitable for their moods or the occasion.