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Wedding Shoes

Harmony of the wedding shoes and the wedding dress

The wedding day is one of the happiest experiences in the life of a woman. In order to feel really special and well as a bride, to radiate harmony, happiness and beauty, the wedding shoes should harmonize with the dress, they must be comfortable and show the style and taste of the bride. Ordering custom-made wedding shoes helps you achieve this goal, let it be elegant, modern, simple and attractive or extravagant. The delicate materials and unique solutions make the wedding shoes truly exceptional – therefore the shoes become a graceful part of the big day.

Nothing is impossible when it comes to wedding shoes

Our wedding shoes are made of delicate materials and elaborated leather. The shapes and style of the shoes follow the latest trends. We create the shoes the bride has always dreamed of – in white, ecru or red colors; using leather or satin materials. Shoes can even be made of the material of the wedding dress as well. For ladies, we design and create shoes in sizes from 33 to 43. We accept orders from gentlemen in sizes from 37 to 46.

We create the different style shoes with different heel sizes (1-3-5-7-9 centimeters) and shoe nose options based upon the conceptions of our customers in a short period of time.

The recipe of the comfortable bridal and groom shoes

I am convinced that when it comes to selecting the right shoes (let it be bridal, groom or any other casual shoes), most of the essential factors and aspects may only be discovered upon personal meetings. Therefore I find the detailed coordination and discussions very important which help find the style and taste of the customer and as a result the perfect pair of shoes can be created. If you would like to discuss your ideas in person, please make an appointment.

If you are interested in seeing our shoes on stock, you can take a look at them without an appointment during opening hours.

I look forward to welcoming you at my showroom!