Customer Feedback

These images are from one of my dear fiancée. I'm happy to participate in her wedding organisation. (Photos: Vona Tímea,

Dear Eva,
Thank you very much for these beautiful and comfortable wedding shoes on the most important day of my life. It was a great success.
Kisses: Beus

Dear Eva,
Thank you for the shoes. I danced all night long. They were very comfortable, I only had to sit for a while because I was absolutely breathless.

Hi Éva,
These shoes were very comfortable. We danced a lot, I could bear 5 hours in them.

Dear Éva,
Thank you for the bridal shoes. It's very comfortable and gorgeous of course.

Dear Eva,
We are satisfied customers. Thank you for the shoes.
Évi & Karesz

Dear Éva,
Our wedding was in April. I wold like to thank you for the shoes that you design for me.

Dear Eva Varga,
Many thanks for our wonderful and very comfortable wedding shoes. I send the images of them as I promised. They had really great success!:))) I hope I'll have a chance to order some other shoes from you.
Best wishes, Livia C.-Sz.

Dear Eva,
These beautiful pair of red shoes were made by You this April. I send these photos of them as I promised. These nice and functional flowers were made by Sári (Mimóza Design). They can be removed without leaving a trace.
Thanks again for these gorgeous shoes!
Best wishes, Vera F.

Dear Eva,
Many thanks for both of our shoes. We used them several times at dance classes before the ceremony. So finally they were very comfortable. I send some pictures about them.
Thanks you again,
Kriszti and Andris

Dear Eva
Let me express my gratitude for these wonderful shoes. Very unique, beautiful and comfortable! Thank you for contributing to this event which was so important for us.
We wish you all the best and continued success with your work!
Eva T.

Dear Eva,
I would like to thank you with this picture for my unique and very comfortable wedding shoes.
Anna Z.-B.

Dear Eva,
I send you a photo of my beautiful wedding shoes. Everyone really liked it.
Thank you! Anett