Varga Éva
Company Presentation

Creating shoes in the shadow of mass manufacturing

I have been practicing the profession of shoemaking since 1990. As time went by, I realized that mass manufacturers made the survival of small companies satisfying unique customer needs extremely hard if not impossible. In the meantime I also noticed that a small group of customers
are not satisfied with mass produced everyday shapes and style.


The harmony of shoes and bags

In 2000, trying to fight against global tendencies, I started designing and creating collections of unique shoes, bags and accessories. By engaging in this activity, my dream came true. Furthermore, I can justify one of my favorite quotes with the help of my work as well: "Harmony is in details" .


The basis of a good pair of shoes is the accurate coordination

It is a wonderful feeling to see the happiness in the eyes of a customer when he/she receives the unique pair of comfortable shoes which suit his/her personality and conception. In order to achieve this result, it is inevitable to discuss all the details in peaceful and comfortable circumstances before making the shoes. Therefore, when you have made the decision to order a pair of unique shoes, please give me a call to arrange an appointment. I look forward to welcoming you at my showroom after the appointment is made.