Ensemble of a pair of unique shoes and a harmonizing bag

Bag that fits the shoes – The material of the bag corresponds with the one of the shoes, therefore they match perfectly. The creation of the ensemble provides the framework of your appearance. Depending on the occasion, you may choose a shoes-bag ensemble made of shinier and more stylish materials.

Unique jewelry –
emphasis on the natural radiance

Precise, pure hand-made jewelry made of perfect materials radiate perfect harmony.

This is the beauty of being a jeweler.

The Affianced Jewelry Studio, characterized by the work of Ms. Gertrúd Nagy, only makes jewelry on order which guarantees the uniqueness.

Accessories and the Ladies

We, ladies, cannot deny that we love shoes, jewelry and bags. We understand that the accessories belong to the completeness of being a woman. They highlight the detailed picture of our personalities and style, help us feel really well. Fany-Moda makes sure that the accessories harmonize not only with each other but also with your personality.

Designing and creating the unique shoes-bag ensemble requires a personal meeting to discuss all the details – it also provides a guarantee for quality results. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our showroom upon appointment.